Please read the following testimonials from clients of L.A. Therapy. See how we have dramatically improved their quality of life!

Lloyd H.
"Three months ago I was experiencing severe pain, tingling and numbness in my right hand, arm and shoulder due to carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff problems and unsuccessful surgery on my right hand. Very soon after receiving massage therapy treatments from Lori Norgal at L.A. Therapy I started seeing improvement in my arm and hand strength, my ability to drive and to lift things without discomfort, and to sleep without pain and numbness in my arms and hands. Lori Norgal has helped me regain better use of both my hands and arms with massage therapy and other related treatments. I intend to continue this treatment through my 'senior' years."

Shelley K.
"I started getting facials with Lori Norgal in May of 2002. Before getting facials with Lori, I was having issues with my skin being too oily and breaking out. I had spent thousands of dollars on all sorts of expensive skin products and make-up hoping they would be the magic solution.

With regular facials and education from Lori to me about my skin I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin overall. Lori brought me back to the basics focusing on natural, healthy skin care. My skin is no longer out of control oily. I also don't break out like I did! I gradually began using the recommended products and make-up that Lori recommended for me and my skin and I am so in love with the products.

My friends and family have commented on what nice skin I have, and this is a first for me in my life. It has been a very positive experience and I highly recommend Lori and her services to anyone that wants to have great skin."

"I have been seeing Lori bimonthly for about five years. The great thing about Lori is that she is not only a fantastic massage therapist, but she is also an amazing person. I have learned so much from her through the years. I look forward to our talks as much as I look forward to the massage. I leave feeling renewed both physically and emotionally. Lori is a caring, talented physical healer as well as a great friend."

Chris K.
"I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain for many years. The massage program developed by Lori has reduced my pain and helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle."

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